Top 12 Values to Curate a Successful Blog with Longevity

T2 x V2 x C2 x N2 x B2 x W2 = 10x Profits x 10x Views

  1. Topic x Theme

What was the first thing that brought you to this article? It wasn’t this paragraph, a punch line, or a recommendation from a coworker. Out of millions of articles you chose this for the title. Which shows the ever present importance of this choice. Catchy, SEO friendly, Currently Trending, Timeless, Intriguing, Informative. We think our title like every article has to hit all of these check marks plus 10 times more. The pursuit of perfection will always hold you back from your dreams. Any title is better then no title and no article; I say that to say this. Often times we are focused on the result and the review of that result. Instead of focusing on the process and the product you are creating. I recommend spending no more then 2 minutes on your title originally, or not at all. If it doesn’t come naturally outline your perspective thought topic and write. Your title will be exposed through your pros. Choose something that will keep you are passionate about or can keep your interest, as you will be developing a platform around this topic and information for the next several weeks/months. You can find quality Topics through topic generators (Hubspot’s Blog Generator) or Google Keyword Planner and through Google Trends. These platforms are great to cure your brain fog and reinvigorate your creative side to start another spark of articles and content to build and support the mission statement of your blog. These keys set the framework and system that allow your business plan to take shape before you focus on the meat and potatoes of your website.

2. Value x Value Prop

Be sure to create value in your mission statement, and to the audiences you are targeting. Providing solutions to real problems are the key catalyst to spark attention from readers. This value is how you create retention, and will grow your community over time. This value to the reader and consumer, and how the benefit from the experience is your prime goal. You must assist them as you create content for them to navigate and cycle through to retain them through various actions points of your website. This is the key focus that leads to the eventual monetization and wealth creation of your blog based off of your value prop. What and how much value can you bring to your customer, and the TAM (total addressable market) for your blog? This is the biggest factor in growing and retaining your audience. Your title and creativity brought them to your article, and created engagement. The value you give will be the ticket that brings your audience back and keep them involved in supporting you as a creator. This will retain attention as long as your value prop is defined and hits home with your target audience.

3. Curation x Creation

This is crucial, as the perception and presentation of your product service or website is integral in success. To obtain and retain the reader or consumer of your content you must be providing value as stated above. And with that content development; curate the background colors and themes to correlate with your focus and related content. This includes tailoring your ad/affiliate revenue to the same theme and build multiple streams of information into concise content on message. Research similar websites, articles and videos to be sure you are not repetitive and stand out amongst your industry. This is the next step after creating value for your audience. Continue creating content that your viewers need and want to consume. It’s always okay to write and create content over what your interested in and what makes you happy. However the content your creating is FOR OTHERS, it is to create free or nearly free content that will impact people with value in positive way. This then lends you their attention which hopefully your able to monetize in order create a community and a business instead of a side hustle or a hobby.

Niche Down x Narrow Focus

Avoid a generic blog that will likely get lost amongst a broad topic such as sports, finance, or fashion. Not that these areas should be ignored, there are many focused niches within these broad topics that generate high CPM. Broad focused blogs often consist of more or less common everyday news and knowledge. This often forces a spam or exponential creation of content to keep retention in a sea of related content. The better you can focus on your topic and niche down, so you can better connect with your audience, and corner a larger subset of people. This should be mostly accounted for in your origin topic x TAM, however, as you create and learn you will find new ways to add value along your journey. This is often from delving deeper into innovation or issues with products or topics that your focused on. This will require further research after having above average knowledge of a topic. These additional sub genres generate additional possibilities while your on theme and continue focusing your niche content related to a broader topic.

Be x Become an Expert

Continue to create, learn, and research on your topic before, during and after each article. You need to truly be focused on your topic and creating value. You can learn directly from teachers and passionate industry leaders through programs and apps like Audible, Udemy and Skillshare, although many more platforms exist. This could be through taking courses, reading articles or going to seminars. You must have a strong foundation and build roots through research, and articles solving problems. Additionally, allow your business strategy to grow and branch out, to eventually create revenue through patience and high quality work.Once you become this expert you can truly monetize your content and give products, services or IP to your audience that not only benefits them. But this will create a loyal following encouraged to support your success as if they invest in you and your content and it grows in value; so do they. Be mindful throughout this process.

Written Content x Working Video

Creating content is the basis of your blog; but how you create, show, and utilize that content should be your final editing focus. There are many types of written, created and video content, with different uses. Blogs, articles, and social media posts will likely be the focus of your website. However, in today’s environment, we need to implement graphs and charts, as well as meme’s and gifs. However, video still remains king for marketing, advertising, explanations, product development, and attention retention. It is important to know where your strengths and weaknesses lie to be sure your providing concise quality content. In opposition to blasting out a ton of mediocre or dis-helpful information that drives away traffic instead of retaining attention. Be sure to provide high quality content and create and share value without expected ROI to generate organic growth and traffic!

The compilation of these six 2 part principles should help you create a blueprint for your own website and help drive you towards future success.
While blogs can develop into a full time job and with success can generate thousands or tens of thousands of dollars per month. However, blogs often only generate very low revenue if not a couple hundred dollars a month after several months of diligent article creation, content addition, innovative marketing, and consistent social media posts. Continue your mission and do not get discouraged, it will likely take several weeks or even a couple months before you start to garner real traction. As even with as little as 10 articles, you can make several hundred dollars per month with proper curation, and grow and scale your content and that monthly income with simply putting more time and effort into your funnel.

I wish you the best of luck on your investment journey, and please remember I am not a financial advisor and this is not financial advice. I’ve spent a lot of time researching finance, economy and emerging technologies and think it’s very important to invest for your future and take advantage of compound interest. Invest in stocks or crypto, stable coins, to watch your investments grow or receive interest or dividends! Invest in yourself first but invest in your future and your future self whenever you can!

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Curated Capital




Empowering and Developing the R&R Community. From rest and relaxation to referrals and royalties! Invest x Tech Sales Stocks x Crypto YouTube @curatedresearch

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Curated Capital

Curated Capital

Empowering and Developing the R&R Community. From rest and relaxation to referrals and royalties! Invest x Tech Sales Stocks x Crypto YouTube @curatedresearch

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