Think Mindfully About Yourself and Your Time — Most Valuable Asset in the World

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5 min readSep 11, 2022

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From the variable tasks we auto create to stay busy, complacent creeps and false fulfillment follows. We must transition to understanding our time is the most valuable resource we have to control. It controls the time we have with our passions, our loved ones, our hobbies, chores or goals. We must find ways to allocate our time better and more efficiently or we will continue to lose precious time to Bordem, Sneaky Ads, Impulsive Emotions, and a variety of results from procrastination and aversions. I’ve found that the only way to begin to tame this monster is to start understanding intentionality and be more culpable and consistent in my choices and time managment. I continue to write everyday but often don’t have it in any understandable format to read or rediscover the lessons, formulas or Insights gained. We must continue to research reread and return to import subjects and information to truly understand all aspects of the ideas.

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While many things cost money, EVERYTHING COSTS TIME.

-Joshua Nelson

We must continue to learn day to day, and do our best to remember the lessons we learn and subconsciously auto-respond with the most efficient solution. This clears our conscious mind for further thoughts, decisions, and compounding actions.

To reach new heights, all of the G.O.A.T.’s have stood on the shoulder of giants before them. Giannis and Lebron learned from Kobe and Jordan and Kobe Learned from Jordan, Magic and Bird. But they all learned from many other legends before them, at the same time as them and while they were coming into their greatness and heading into their retirements. The heights t performers and most successful people in the world as well as anyone with mediocre success are continually learning. Education is the key, and the hard work and consistency are lock and door. With hard work and consistency you can get through the door even if locked, but the education speeds up the process and may allow you to open other doors in the future as well.

The adventure of a curious mind leads in the correct direction.

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