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5 min readSep 5, 2022

Follow4Follow ; Connect with Community ; Create Value to Others ; 100 followers PER MONTH!

Truthfully there is a fast yet unsustainable formula for rapid growth on Medium and many other social media sites. This is often referred to as playing the odds, by targeting as wide of an audience as possible. I do believe this is the best method for success or at least to get started connecting, as long as you can bring true value to that target audience. From a Digital Holostic Approach, I recommend 3 easy steps for slow but sustainable growth for long term success. Also you need to get a medium membership in order to view and comment and clap for popular articles and to learn more about the niche’s of your interest. Join now with my link

Long Term Sustainable Growth Theory

  • Provide Value — Give value and access through time, eventually if you provided consistent value, and grew a community you will see benefits, compensation and support beyond measure.
  • Be Consistent — You must consistently work on your skill, hustle, or education every single day. Yes you may take a day off here and there or even once a week. But even thinking about your project for 10–15 minutes will continue to fuel your subconscious for success.
  • Take Action — Get out of your own way, allow yourself and your creativity to flow. We must take the first step before we can ever get close to our goal. Often the first step is the smallest, take continued small steps toward success.

Fast Unsustainable Growth For 100 New Followers Per Month

Now lets get straight to it. The first step, Follow Me, this step will start you off with your first follow / re-follow. I will follow you back genuinely within 24 hours as I try and read / research with medium a couple times a day and post once a week. . . Lately, I’ve been lacking so please feel free to reach out and keep me on task. This fast past is free, unlike Disney Land, but lets not abuse this power. This is to inspire fellow creators and an uplifted opportunity to be recognized as a partner and get our platform, stories, and informative essays to the masses (us). I hope to provide you all with value and a better…

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